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As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare puts the same caring, dedication and compassion into our staff members that we put in for our patients. This is because we know that a company’s services and reputation are only as good as the people who make that company run. Caregiver jobs with Medway are about more than just clocking hours, we’re a community of caregivers who support each other and value the contribution each of us makes to the team and our patients.

Why Choose Caregivers’ Jobs from Medway

As leaders in the caregiving industry, Medway understands the difficulties of caregiver jobs. We make it a priority to support our medical and nonmedical staff in a variety of ways, including:

  • Generous Sick Time and Vacation: When you work caregiver jobs, you often keep unusual and difficult hours with many holidays worked. To offset this, Medway seeks to give adequate vacation time with relief workers available to take over posts when you’re unable to perform your duties.
  • Help for Job-Related Stress: There is stress with any job, and caregivers jobs are no different. However, Medway knows that when a caregiver is stressed, it can have a ripple effect and negative impact on patients. To help combat this, we’re dedicated to providing resources for stress relief.
  • Career Building Opportunities: Caregiver jobs with Medway often lead to higher positions within our company along with options for taking ongoing training and courses. If you’re hired as a nonmedical care provider, you will have options to continue schooling to advance your position.
  • Work Like-Minded and Caring Individuals: While caregivers jobs are often done in the home of a patient, your interactions with our staff will also be rewarding. We work to ensure none of our workers feel isolated or unsupported in their position and work to keep our own community vital and nurturing.

Applying for Medical and Nonmedical Caregiver Jobs

Are you an individual who likes helping others? Do you have certifications in a home care position? Are you ready to start building a career in an in-demand field where you’ll have mobility and flexibility in your job choices? If yes, then Medway wants to hear from you!

Medway Healthcare is always looking for qualified individuals to take on caregiver jobs for our growing company. With millions of Canadians requiring in-home care, your services have never been more needed. To find out more about applying for caregiver jobs with Medway, use our easy contact form or call us at 1-877-581-2918 to speak to a representative. We can’t wait to work towards healing others together!

Looking for flexible caregiver jobs in your area? Join the Medway team for supportive, dynamic career opportunities in the home care field. Call 1-(888) 425-4850