How to Decide If You or A Loved One Need A Live in Caregiver

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As our loved ones grow older, previously simple day-to-day tasks can become strenuous chores. Traveling for errands, home maintenance, cooking, and even elementary things like dressing and grooming often prove challenging to our seniors, making round-the-clock assistance a necessity for many. When these basic activities in life become stress-provoking, it’s time to reach out to a live in caregiver for a helping hand.

Why Choose Live in Care

With a live in caregiver just steps away at all hours of the day, you and your loved ones can gain peace of mind knowing help is always there should it be needed. Not only does the 24/7 support help relieve irritation surrounding newfound difficulties in completing regular tasks and activities, but it also adds a sense of security for your beloved elderly. A live in caregiver is medically trained and qualified to assist in health emergencies, so you and the care recipient can rest easy. Apart from monitoring the patient’s physical health, a live in caregiver is a great companion. Feelings of loneliness and depression are not uncommon among seniors – a live in caregiver can reduce these significantly, chaperoning the care recipient to appointments, engaging in conversation, and participating in hobbies together. This social stimulation is highly important to your loved one’s emotional welfare, and is one of the biggest benefits of hiring a live in caregiver.

What to Look for In A Live in Caregiver

Along with the appropriate certifications and medical qualifications, remember that a live in caregiver should be dependable, pleasant, and personable. As your loved one’s new nurse, and (perhaps more importantly) friend, he/she must posses a particular skillset that can be suited to your needs.

Sifting through candidates can be challenging and tiresome, so let Medway Healthcare to find the perfect live in caregiver for you instead! With our diligent screening process, we promise to leave your loved ones in the best hands. Call 1-(888)-425-4850 to speak to a Care Coordinator today.


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