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Foot Care for Seniors Home Services

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Foot Care For Seniors

Active and independent seniors do a lot of walking! Whether it’s going for a stroll at the mall or in the park, walking is one of the best ways for seniors to get their daily dose of physical exercise. Regular walking helps seniors improve cardiovascular health, wards off weight gain, boost their immune system, and more. The benefits of walking for senior are endless! The average person walks approximately 10,000 steps a day, and when it comes to people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, foot care for seniors is critical to ensure that they can continue on with their active and independent lifestyle unabated by common issues such as bunions, calluses, joint pain, and Achilles tendinitis.

What Happens to Our Feet as We Get Older?

As we get older, our feet grow more and more fragile. This makes foot care for seniors critical to their overall health and ability to stay active. Over time, walking can wear down the padding underneath our heels. What’s more, our arches lose their flexibility, and our feet change shape. Typically, these natural changes to the structure of our feet can cause a wide range of issues, including:

  • Neuropathy
  • Reduced flexibility
  • Foot sores such as corns, callouses, blisters, and bunions
  • Ill-fitting shoes
  • Pressure sores
  • Poor circulation in legs and feet
  • Swelling of feet and ankles


Home Foot Care for Seniors 

There are approximately 4.8-million senior citizens aged 65 and older in Canada. Many of these seniors are generally healthy, and have the ability to remain independent, they just need a little help. When it comes to healthy feet, foot care for seniors is a critical element of ensuring they can live their life comfortably, and independently. With the help of a home foot care service provider, seniors can stay active, while avoiding common foot health issues that can hinder their ability to independently run errands, get exercise, and live life to its fullest. With an at-home, foot care for seniors specialist, seniors can have their feet assessed, monitored, and treated. They can effectively treat calluses, corns, blisters, and bunions, and maintain foot hygiene with proper nail cutting and trimming to avoid serious issues and pain down the road.

The caring and compassionate foot care for seniors service providers at Medway Healthcare are here to assist you or a loved one with personalized care.

As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, our caregivers are qualified and trained to ensure the foot health of seniors of all ages, to provide top-tier service to ensure you or a loved one are receiving the most customized care. Contact us today through our online form, or call 1-(888)-425-4850 to learn more about our senior citizen home care services.


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