Fun Activities for Seniors You Should Try with Your Loved Ones

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With retirement comes free time for our beloved elders to spend doing things that benefit their overall health. Be it together with family members or by themselves, our loved ones need to partake in things which continue to sharpen their minds and sustain good mental and physical fitness. We know brainstorming such pastimes can be a challenge, which is why we, the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, compiled a list of fun activities for seniors for your convenient use!

The Great Outdoors

It should be no news that spending time outside is extremely beneficial to one’s general health.  Breathing fresh air and basking in the sunlight poses countless advantages, such as an increase in vitamin D which is essential to bone and immune health. Studies have even shown linkages to cognitive health, proving a correlation between low vitamin D levels and Alzheimer’s disease. If your loved one is mobile and capable, playing outdoor sports like badminton and tennis, or even simply going for walks around the neighbourhood is highly recommended. More relaxed outdoor activities for seniors include outings to the park for a picnic, gardening, or lunch in the backyard!

Getting Crafty

As corroborated by extensive research, visual art is not only a hobby but has a therapeutic impact on health as well. Pottery, painting, drawing, and others artistic outlets as such are some of many suitable crafty activities for seniors – especially those struggling with agitation and anxiety. When feelings of stress and confusion arise, visual art is proven to be an effective method of redirecting the mind and relieving negative emotions.  Dedicate time with your aging loved one to an artistic pastime and see an immediate improvement in their mental health!

Puzzles and Games

There’s a reason why the TV and film industry present bingo as one of the top activities for seniors. Complex, puzzle-like games are crucial to stimulating the brain and keeping it engaged. Actively challenging the mind helps to maintain and further develop cognitive skills, and is a very fun and rewarding way to pass time as well. 

For when you’re not available to pick up a racket, a paintbrush, or a crossword puzzle with your loved one, call 1-(888)-425-4850 today to find out about our companion care services.

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