acquired brain injury

Acquired Brain Injury and How to Spot It

Acquired Brain Injury As we and our loved ones grow older, brain deterioration and its impacts on general health become an increasing concern. With approximately 4% of the population living with Acquired Brain Injury, this non-genetic brain damage is a leading cause of disability among Canadians. Our experts at Medway Healthcare understand the stress and […]

How to Decide If You or A Loved One Need A Live in Caregiver

As our loved ones grow older, previously simple day-to-day tasks can become strenuous chores. Traveling for errands, home maintenance, cooking, and even elementary things like dressing and grooming often prove challenging to our seniors, making round-the-clock assistance a necessity for many. When these basic activities in life become stress-provoking, it’s time to reach out to […]


The Diabetics Care Services You Need

Diabetes is a very serious ailment caused by excess blood sugar level. This usually occurs due to a high amount of glucose in the blood. In most cases, diabetics may not really know that they are suffering from these ailments, especially at the early stage, until they are tested. This explains why you need to […]

Treating Agitation in Dementia Patients

Watching a loved one battle their illness is an emotionally difficult experience, we understand. Unfortunately, things such as altered behaviour and personality changes are expected commonalities with aging, particularly among those struggling with dementia symptoms such as deteriorating thinking skills and a decline in memory. A previously cheerful and laid-back individual may begin to display […]