With potential mental, physical, behavioral and emotional components to a brain injury, you need dedicated care workers who can assess a current condition and also grow with the patient as symptoms change. At Medway, our acquired brain injury (ABI) services are customized to meet each patient’s needs with optimal physical and mental care designed to improve quality of life.

How Does ABI Happen? 

Unlike brain injuries that begin at birth, ABI is not a congenital or genetic issue. Instead, as the name implies, the injury is acquired later in life due to stroke, infection, tumors and a variety of other conditions.

ABI can sometimes be a traumatic brain injury, meaning a brain injury as a result to some kind of physical blow to the head. However, this is not the case for all ABI, though there can be similarities in symptoms. Services to treat each type are available with customized options for all sources of brain injury and their various symptom manifestations.

Caring Support for Acquired Brain Injury Services

As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare understands the often-complicated issues associated with ABI. Along with mobility issues, speech impairments and mental changes there are also often behavioral problems that can make care very difficult. ABI sufferers may find themselves forgetting people’s names and face, feeling overwhelmed by confused emotions and this can lead to anger and lashing out.

This can be especially difficult for loved ones who see that their family member, while physically healthy, is not acting as they once did. Medway Personal Support Workers (PSW) are trained to deal with these issues to make things easier on the patient and those around them. Having a trained caregiver to perform ABI services can greatly reduce the burden on everyone.

Ongoing Assessment of ABI Services: One of the hallmarks of our acquired brain injury services is our commitment to consistent reevaluation of the injury and symptoms. We consult with the patient, physicians and concerned loved ones to ensure we’re doing everything we can to provide the best customized care.

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