When a patient requires IV therapy or feeding tube treatment, this can be a huge disruption to the patient’s life and their loved ones.As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare seeks to make this therapy easier, safer and more accessible by providing quality at-home intravenous therapy. We work with physicians, dieticians and our own medical professionals to coordinate a treatment plan schedule that keeps patients healthy and comfortable while minimizing stress for everyone.

Nutritional Support

Our IV therapy and injection team is able to advise on and help with nutritional support. When a patient requires a feeding tube, it is a difficult adjustment and our professionals are here to provide counseling on diet and other factors to ensure health and comfort.

IV Therapy for Pain Management and Other Conditions

Medway is capable of administering IV therapy for a wide range of conditions, including pain management medications, therapies for heart disease management, chemotherapy and antibiotics.

Who is In Home Intravenous Therapy Good For?

Intravenous therapy at home is subject to several eligibility requirements depending on a patient’s condition and location. However, if you feel this is the right course of treatment for a loved one, we will work with you and the primary care physician to create a plan or treatment that’s right. Common situations and requirements for eligibility include:

  • Homebound Patients: If a patient is unable to leave the home without great stress or assistance, then home therapy is often an option. Requiring the use of a wheelchair or walker often classifies a patient as homebound or unable to move around freely.
  • Patient is in Need of Regular, Skilled Medical Services: If a patient requires in home care for other issues then they are likely to qualify for at home intravenous therapy as well.
  • Feeding Tube or IV Therapy Required: While there may be restrictions, typically, anyone who requires IV therapy is eligible for receiving it at home.

Scheduling a Free Consultation

If a loved one is in need of injection pain relief, feeding tube assistance or management of any other condition, call on the caring and compassionate representatives at Medway Healthcare. We’re always available to answer questions and help get the best course of treatment for each of our patients. Fill out our easy contact us form or call us at 1-(888) 425-4850 to schedule a free consultation and assessment.