For the ultimate in comprehensive care while remaining in your own home, choose a Medway caregiver. Toronto residents have several options when it comes to their live in caregivers with varying degrees of medical and non-medical functions.As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare offers much of the same care you would receive in a dedicated facility while often being more affordable and enjoying the comforts of a familiar home.

Types of Live in Caregivers

There are two primary ways for home caregivers to provide services depending on the level of care needed.

Live in Caregivers Who Maintain Outside Residence: This is our most thorough form of live in caregiver. Toronto clients who choose this will be assigned two or more caregivers; typically, one during the day and another at night.

Because this option is usually best for those who require the maximum amount of care, it’s necessary to split the job in order to maintain the best quality of service. Often patients who need this will require assistance several times throughout the night, meaning it’s important to have a caregiver who is able to provide this while having daylight hours to sleep and take care of their personal needs.

Live in Caregivers Who Stay in Your Home: Get the comfort of knowing there’s a dedicated, professional caregiver mere feet away during the night. With this type of care, your Medway caregiver will live in your own full-time but their working hours will largely be at night.

Those who choose this option will often have another type of care during the day such as our senior companion care

Choosing your Live in Caregiver, Toronto

Clients have many options when it comes to a live in caregiver. Toronto residents can choose from a variety of specialty medical and non-medical care workers to make their life and home happier and healthier.

When you choose a Medway Healthcare live in caregiver, Toronto customers will have the option to meet with and interview their caregiver before making a decision. You are given the flexibility of choosing freelance caregivers but with the Medway promise of quality and vetting system behind each candidate.

What Type of Services are Provided by Caregivers?

This will largely depend on the individual needs of the client. With a wide range of specialty care options and providers, Medway will work with you to create a live in care plan that will increase quality of life and work with your schedule. Use our contact form to request information and schedule an in-home assessment.