When managing a chronic condition with medication, skipping or delaying doses can lead to major problems and emergencies. Keeping a consistent medication schedule is one of the key ways to provide successful medical care for seniors. This is why Medway makes medication reminders a top priority in any care that we provide.

Ways to Receive Medication Reminders and Medical Care for Seniors

 As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare offers pill reminders and medical care for seniors in several ways. This is often a regular service of any of our in-home care options, such as our companion care, palliative care and live in care service.

When you choose any of our in-home services, one of our first concerns and discussions will be about medication needs. Once a schedule is determined, your trained Personal Support Worker (PSW) will set an alarm or reminder to ensure your loved one takes medication at the proper time.

This can also mean reminders through electronic alerts depending on the patient’s ability and willingness to take their medications on their own. Does Your Loved One Need Medication Reminders?

While many seniors continue to successfully manage their medications on their own, many others simply can’t remember to or refuse to. It can also be difficult for those around the affected person to see that an elderly loved one requires help for this basic task. Common signs that your loved one needs help with medication reminders include:

  • They refuse to take the pills or to listen to doctor advice
  • They only take pills when they don’t feel well
  • They seem to be struggling with remembering to do other things

Overcoming Patient Unwillingness to Take Medications

A frequent obstacle to keeping proper medication schedules is that many patients simply don’t want to take them. This is common in elderly persons who feel they shouldn’t be told what to do or don’t want to accept that they need the medication. Dementia sufferers are the patients who most frequently exhibit this behavior.

As experienced caregivers, our Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) are adept at treating a patient with respect and dignity while negotiating the situation. Our approach to overcoming this varies from patient to patient, but our commitment to compassionate, respectful care never diminishes. Use our easy contact us form or call 1-(888) 425-4850 to schedule a personalized consultation.