Also known as private duty care, personal homecare provides a specialized service for those who need extra, non-medical help to remain living independently.As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare ’s personal care options are ideal for both seniors and disabled persons to help maintain a high quality of life within their own home.

Why Choose Personal Homecare

Personal homecare is a great option for a variety of situations as it allows for a greater degree of independence for individuals who might otherwise need to stay in a dedicated senior care facility. This has three huge advantages:

  • Comfort of Aging in Place: Many seniors prefer staying in their own home where they are comfortable and familiar with the surroundings This contributes to a sense of well-being and accomplishment as they are allowed to live as they choose to; surrounded by the things and people they love.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Personal homecare is also usually more cost-effective than other options. Depending on the level of care needed and the amount of time required from the personal homecare worker, this could be a mere fraction of the cost of a senior care facility.
  • Reduced Burden on Loved Ones: While we all want to be there for our aging loved ones, this often isn’t possible due to our other obligations. Trying to be there for your loved one while also working a regular job or caring for children is not only exhausting, but dangerous. When a person is stretched too thin and isn’t trained for personal care work, the stress can simply be too much. Caregiver burnout can set in and you’ll be unable to provide adequate care.

Picking Personal Care Options

Not sure what kind of care you or your loved one needs? When you contact Medway Healthcare, a knowledgeable and caring representative will guide you through the available options and schedule you for an in-home assessment. This zero-obligation consultation will allow us to assess needs and make personalized recommendations to get the best available care for any situation.


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