The plight of family and friends who are thrust into the role of caregiver is not talked about often enough. However, if you’re one of the millions of Canadians who have cared for an elderly or disabled person then you know how critical it is to receive support. At Medway, we provide personalized respite care Toronto area clients can count on to help relieve the pressure of caregiving.

What is Respite Home Care for Elderly?

Respite home care is a highly customizable form of care that can be provided for a few hours a day, once a week or some other schedule that suits you. Its primary goal is to give caregivers time to relax and take care of their own obligations outside of providing care to a loved one. It also benefits the patient who will be provided with interaction from a compassionate Personal Support Worker (PSW). Your Medway PSW is able to provide meal prep, light housekeeping and several other duties along with friendly companionship.

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout with Respite Care, Toronto  

As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare has all experienced some form of exhaustion from work and home duties, however, there is a specific kind of burnout associated with caregiving. Sometimes called caregiver stress syndrome, this condition occurs when a person is in a caregiver role and is unable to decompress from the stress of it. 

Signs of Caregiver Burnout: Caregiver burnout is marked by feelings of guilt over one’s inability to adequately care for a loved along with anger, anxiety, stress, resentment and mental and physical exhaustion. You may find that you’re unable to meet your other obligations and that self-care is difficult, if not impossible to do. At some point, instead of these feelings going away as they often would in other situations, they turn into apathy. When this happens, even basic personal care for yourself may become difficult and your outward personality may also seem to change to those around you.

Why It’s So Important to Avoid: When you hit the apathy point, you will no longer be able to provide decent quality care to the patient or yourself. This is when mistakes and neglect start to happen when there is no intervention or relief for the caregiver. Moreover, people who experience severe caregiver burnout are often unable to return to caregiving even if they start to become better after rest.

How We Can Help: Call or contact us to learn more about respite care Toronto residents can rely on for quality aid to elderly and disabled persons and their loved ones. Request our free consultation to receive a personalized assessment and care recommendations.