As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare’s  specialized care is a highly customizable form of care with many options to give the care receiver and their loved ones a comfortable, supportive environment. Medway’s specialized senior health care puts an emphasis on creating a regular schedule based on needs and conditions.

By timing medications, physical movement, meals and other activities to suit an individual, we’re able to promote better health, stability and a sense of well-being for the patient and loved ones. This is especially important for patients who have cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Consistent care often helps manage the memory loss symptoms, anxiety and other emotional issues associated with dementia.

Senior in Home Assistance

Along with having predictable, stable care, having it in a familiar environment is key to managing the emotional stress and well-being of a patient. With senior in home assistance your loved one will get quality attention surrounded by the home, things and people that are familiar to them. This contributes to healing and a sense of belonging.

When you choose senior in home assistance from Medway, you’ll have access to a variety of resources and in home care options. This includes our specialized care for managing physical and cognitive ailments along with programs based on personal preference and goals.

Senior Health Care

Managing and coordinating senior health care is key to extending not just life, but the quality of it. This is why our senior care programs focus on the whole person, not just the disease or disability they’re struggling with. Our range of care options include our compassionate companion services along with more specialized and specific types of aid.

Combining one or more of our services is an ideal way to get individualized care required to create schedules that work well for the patient and their loved ones. Because of this, when you choose Medway for your senior health care needs you get a company dedicated to compassionate, understanding treatment of our clients and their loved ones.

Experience the Medway difference by contacting us for a free consultation. We’ll work with seniors, their friends and families to discuss needs and concerns to design a care schedule that works for everyone.