As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare are in the business of making patients and their loved ones feel supported and secure in any way we can. This extends to our supplementary home care. Toronto residents can take advantages of this service to find additional home care to complement existing home care. Patients have a wide range of options to get the specialized and general care that they need with our expertly trained Personal Support Workers.

Specialized Supplementary Home Care, Toronto

Medway offers several supplementary home care options based on conditions and the degree of help a patient requires. This can be one of our specially trained Personal Support Workers who provide help with daily tasks, errands and personal care. It can also include more in-depth care for longer stretches of time for patients who are unable to be on their own.

Additionally, when needed, we also have medical care options in the form of foot care nurses, diabetes care, wound care, IV treatment and pain therapy. These medical professionals make it possible to receive quality medical care without the stress of going to a clinic or hospital.

No matter what kind of care is required, Medway has access to both specialized and general support staff who are able to meet your needs. We’ll happily work with you to find the perfect balance for your elderly loved one and your whole family.

Hiring Supplementary Home Care, Toronto

Supplementary home care can serve several purposes, though a large part of our supplementary service providers’ job is to fill in gaps in service. This can mean filling in for other home care workers or supplementing other programs such as senior day care and the roles taken on by friends and family in a patient’s care schedule.

We make it easy to hire home care that seniors and their loved ones can rely on to provide resourceful, professional and understanding service for a wide range of conditions. To clear more about our all of our service including home care, Toronto residents can fill out our simple contact us form or call us at 1-(888) 425-4850.