When an elderly loved one has a wound that won’t heal, it can be a scary and difficult situation. While there are many things doctors and hospitals can do for senior wound care, making the trip to a facility is often stressful for the patient and time-consuming for friends or family members.

As the best Senior Home Health Care caregiver in Toronto, Wedway HealthCare remedies this with our in-home wound specialists. Our professional wound treatment experts work with a patient’s primary care physician and other medical professionals to ensure the best course of treatment is prescribed and carried out.

Why Choose Medway for Senior Wound Care?

It’s often overwhelming to make a choice when it comes to medical care. However, Medway is making this easier with our diverse training, innovative wound treatments and a wide range of other benefits, including:

  • Certified wound treatment nurses
  • Convenient in-home visits around your schedule
  • Dedicated customer service to answer questions in between visits
  • Coordinated care with primary doctors and medical professionals
  • Ongoing training and up-to-date knowledge on wound care for our specialists
  • Commitment to patient comfort and overall health and well-being
  • Caring and compassionate service from our practitioners and our customer service
  • Effective, modern treatments with proven results

Assessment for Senior Wound Care

Another way that Medway’s wound treatment program excels over similar care providers is with regular reassessment for each patient. Depending on the progress of the wound, the patient’s comfort level and other factors, we’ll make recommendations on continuing, changing or reducing treatment.

We are committed to taking a caring, yet thorough approach to each wound care case. Each patient’s comfort, well-being and ability to heal is always our primary focus. This means no unnecessary treatments but also a cautious approach to discontinuing treatments as well.

Schedule a Senior Wound Care Consultation

Medway’s program begins with a personal consultation where we’ll assess the patient’s wound, go over medical history and address questions and concerns you may have. Our customized approach means a patient is given care that is both physically healing and mentally rewarding. Each of our wound care nurses comes highly recommended and vetted by our patients and our team.