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Home Health Care Services

Choosing home health care is often one of the best and most positive options in difficult situations. Whether your loved one needs 24/7 care or they simply need the security of knowing there is a quality live in caregiver available during certain hours, we have options to suit your needs and theirs.

For our most complete, “round the clock” care, or in short “live in caregiver”, we have providers who will work in shifts to ensure your loved one has optimal care coverage at all times of the day and night. With this type of live in caregiver, you’ll have a team of specially trained and compassionate individuals at the residence always, though they will maintain their own residence as well and will only need a room in your home during their shifts.

Respite Care

Are you a caregiver for an elderly or disabled loved one? Do you feel overwhelmed by stress and like no matter what you do, you simply don’t have the time to take care of yourself and your loved one?

This is a far more common situation than anyone would like to believe. With over a quarter of Canadians providing care to an aging or disabled loved one, the chances of being in a situation where you are a primary caregiver are quite high.

The Dangers of Being an Overworked Caregiver

Being overwhelmed by caregiving is more than a bit of extra stress. In many cases it leads to full caregiver burnout which is a mental condition marked by anxiety, stress, mental and physical exhaustion. Eventually this can lead to apathy towards the situation and even the patient.

How Does Respite Care Help?

Respite home care is care that can be given a few hours a day, once or twice a week or as often as it’s needed in order to give caregivers a break from the stress of giving round the clock care.

While the purpose of this care is highly focused on relieving the caregiver, there are also huge advantages to the patient. First and foremost, by helping their primary caregiver relax, respite care makes life easier and more pleasant for everyone. Having a caregiver who overworked and isn’t taking care of themselves can lead to stress and inadequate care for the patient as well.

Additionally, many patients are not given enough opportunities to interact with people. Having a friendly and compassionate Medway Personal Support Worker (PSW) helps to remedy this.

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Senior Care

Senior care takes a special kind of patience, dedication and compassion to ensure a patient’s dignity is respected and quality of life is improved. Our care providers do this and so much more with our general and specialized senior care options, including:

Our wide range of senior care options includes senior home companions. These caring and compassionate individuals are able to perform light housekeeping, meal preparation, errands and a host of other tasks along with providing quality social interaction.

Choose from a wide range of options for in-home, non-medical care from compassionate, trained professionals in the home health care industry. Personal homecare focuses on helping patients live better, more independent lives with services like help with personal grooming.

Our comfort care workers are trained to provide everything necessary to help improve quality of life and overall comfort for patients who suffer from chronic pain and illness. This is a customizable form of care that can include pain management services and IV therapy when needed.

Specially trained foot care nurses help maintain the health and mobility of diabetic patients who are often prone to circulation issues in their feet. This service often includes an in-home examination of the feet, nail care and more to prevent sores and other complications.

Foot Care Nurse

Foot care nurse services aren’t just for diabetes, though that is the most common reason to need this type of specialized care. Other problems that a foot care nurse can help to resolve or prevent are ingrown nails, calluses, bunions and other foot ailments that can cause extreme discomfort when not tended to.

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Medway HealthCare provides senior care, live in caregiver services and specialized options like foot care nurse, respite care, comfort care, and overall home health care.

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